Virginian Field Trip 

June 21st at 7:30 AM

We would like to do a trial run at the Virginian to see if we would like to move our meetings there for the 2018-2019 Rotary Year. Join us at the Virginian on June 21st and cast your vote as you exit the meeting. The pros & cons are listed below for you to review prior to June 21st. 


our current situation:

  • While the quality of the breakfast is inconsistent, we receive a lot of food for the price we pay
  • Some members have had to bring their own breakfast due to dietary concerns
  • We have been moved with little to no notice and placed in the lounge or a hospitality suite
  • Club supplies have been misplaced or thrown away
  • Sometimes the meeting room or food is not adequately setup
  • This is our 3rd time at the Holiday Inn & the issues we're having don't seem to change even with constructive feedback
  • BIGGEST PRO: We pay less than $9/person, parking is convenient and the hotel is located downtown

What it would look like if we moveD to the virginian:

  • Improved meeting space
  • More variety, healthier options for breakfast, we're able to change the menu weekly if we'd like
  • Increased quality of food
  • We'll receive more visitors with the appeal of a new look and feel
  • Free convenient parking and located downtown
  • Larger space available if we outgrow the Rose Room
  • If we move from the Rose Room we will still be in a smaller meeting space in the basement with a similar setup
  • BIGGEST CON: $13/person all inclusive so dues would increase $25/quarter to accommodate the price increase